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Please click on the following links for more information about relationships, relationship therapy approaches, couple and family assessment, and related programs and resources: - The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy is the professional organization of marriage and family therapists.  Their website contains valuable information on problems facing today’s families and offers a detailed description of the what, who, why, and how of marriage and family therapy. - John Gottman’s Evidence-based Marital Counseling is based on the theory that effective couple’s counseling aims to: re-establish positive interactions during non-conflictual times; instill positivity during conflict; and decrease negativity during conflict. - Imago Relationship Therapy is a model for helping couples listen more effectively and feel heard and understood, thereby creating a deeper and more intimate connection - Prepare/Enrich is a program based on various assessments of major relationship issues.  The assessments can only be administered by a trained Prepare/Enrich Counselor and are followed up with 4-6 feedback sessions regarding the results of the inventories.

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Links to Additional Resources

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