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Individual Adult Counseling

Utilizing a delicate balance of empathy and evidence-based practices, the therapists at Relationship Resolutions, have helped numerous individuals overcome and manage significant life problems, including:

  • various levels of depression and/or anxiety, such as:
    • major depression
    • post-partum depression
    • generalized anxiety disorder
    • bipolar disorder
    • obsessive-compulsive disorder
    • panic disorder

  • grief/loss issues, such as:
    • the death of a loved one
    • the end of a significant relationship
    • any significant change in situation or environment which is negatively impacting your ability to function effectively

  • difficulties adjusting to life stressors or transitions, such as:
    • job loss
    • work stress
    • new baby
    • empty nest
    • relationship strain
    • retirement
    • a recent move
    • financial strain

  • trauma-related issues resulting from:
    • rape
    • emotional, sexual, or physical abuse as an adult or child
    • witnessing a criminal activity
    • a devastating loss of personal property such as a house fire

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