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Nutrition Therapy

Food is a great source of enjoyment and health, which can prevail even for those who are faced with emotional and medical challenges. Our experienced Registered Dietitian at Relationship Resolutions will work with you, your family and your healthcare team, using nutrition education and counseling techniques to promote optimal health and personal well-being through nutrition.

Individual Services: Our dietitian incorporates state-of-the-art behavior modification and cognitive attitude change strategies into a custom program that will be tailored to meet your individual needs. This service involves personalized plans for diet management, nutrition education, weight control, exercise and behavior modification. Through counseling and education, you will learn to make changes to your diet so that your eating habits are consistent with your lifestyle, an essential ingredient for long-term results.

Weight Management Groups: In addition to one-on-one and group nutritional counseling, our Registered Dietitian at Relationship Resolution is offering a 10-week weight management class to help individuals accomplish their personal health goals. This series of 10 one-hour nutrition and wellness seminars provides a strong foundation of education that will allow participants to achieve weight loss/management and lead healthier lifestyles. Each session will include group education, while detailing individual needs. Group support and discussion provides another layer of support during the entire process. Please call today if you would like to learn more about this program.


Registered Dietitian

A Registered Dietitian is a practitioner of nutrition therapy. Our dietitian is registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and is licensed in the State of Pennsylvania. Based on your nutritional status, condition, illness or injury, our dietitian will work with you to optimize your treatment and aid in your recovery by providing a personal plan to help you achieve your goals. People seek guidance from an RD for many reasons. For many individuals and families affected by eating disorders, seeking help from a dietitian can serve as the catalyst for prevention and treatment. Some individuals are concerned with wellness and disease prevention issues, such as learning to eat healthier to decrease the risk of heart disease, diabetes, or other chronic diseases. Others would like to learn more about sports nutrition, infant/toddler feeding, or better ways to eat to fight obesity or the aging process. Whatever your needs are, please feel free to reach out for assistance at any time.

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