About Us

Relationship Resolutions

was founded in 2007 with the goal of helping couples thrive amidst the inherent stressors of daily life, conflicting desires, and communication styles which exacerbate common destructive patterns occurring in most couple relationships. Megan Norris, the Founder, recognized that couples were an under-served population in Pittsburgh and wanted to bring her expertise, skill, and passion to the area. Her original goals were to shed awareness on the benefits of a focused effort on relationship health and to make couples counseling more accessible to all who understood its value.

Megan Norris, MS

Owner & Director

It became clear

early on that the need for couples counseling far exceeded Megan’s bandwidth as a sole practitioner so within months of opening her doors, she made the courageous decision to venture into the unknown territory of business ownership. Megan began to expand the practice by creating a team of clinicians whose core beliefs were in alignment with the principles upon which she founded the practice. She gratefully accepted the challenges inherent in managing a small business and to her surprise and delight, found great joy in growing a team and creating systems to support clients and clinicians alike. The mission of Relationship Resolutions organically shifted during this time as Megan realized her calling is to create spaces, relationships and processes which support both comfort and growth.

11 years later

Relationship Resolutions operates locations in all major areas of the city and serves thousands of people experiencing a wide range of relational concerns. Megan is grateful everyday for the team of amazing, multidisciplinary clinicians who choose to call Relationship Resolutions home. Their dedication to clients’ health and wellbeing, their love of the work they do, and their collaboration and resourcefulness have inspired Megan to take Relationship Resolutions to the next level. With a cross-country move in 2014 to sunny, entrepreneurial San Diego, Megan began the journey of scaling the business with a vision to have Relationship Resolutions offices available in most states by 2024. The road has been rocky and full of pit holes, but she continues to persevere in bringing her dream to life. With mindfulness and determination, she and her administrative team have been working diligently to launch Relationship Resolutions via a franchise model by the end of 2019.

Megan and the entire Relationship Resolutions team are excited to collectively raise awareness (and decrease the stigma) of counseling and therapy nationwide; to promote emotional, mental, and relational health and wellbeing globally; and to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible.

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