Kind, positive and encouraging, Zachary has a unique and comforting way of making others feel seen as their most authentic self. He is inspired by the potential he sees in others even when it may be unseen to them. He has a keen sense of the emotional landscape of others and helps them navigate and share their deeply rooted values and underlying dreams. Generous with praise and quick to smile, Zachary’s innate ability to lighten distressed or heavy hearts provides a great foundation for healing, growth and balance.

Zachary is inspired and fueled by working with couples experiencing distress in their relationship. Whether the issue is pornography, infidelity, perpetual conflict, emotional distance or lack of excitement, Zachary is able to sense emotions and underlying needs of each person while helping couples find ways to express their feelings so the other person feels truly seen and heard. Using a variety of tools combined with his calm and friendly nature, he is able to hone in on the strengths of each person as well as provide a safe space for couples to share openly and honestly. This balanced setting allows for true healing and growth to transpire.

Credentialed in Gottman Level 1 and Gottman Level 2 training, Zachary is uniquely qualified to facilitate couples in healing their hurts, deepening their intimate connection and minimizing relapses in old patterns. His specialities include couples counseling, anger management, co-parenting issues, navigating life transitions, divorce, separation, grief and loss, mood disorders, sexuality and gender identity, and stress management.

His services include Child and Adolescent Counseling, Family Therapy, Marriage and Couples Counseling and Premarital Counseling. Bringing elements of excitement and enthusiasm to his work creates an environment of warmth, vitality and engagement that best suits young adolescents, adults and couples.

What Others Share

We came to Zach because we wanted to save our marriage. He was friendly and made difficult conversations possible. There was never the feeling of being judged or not heard. The hardest part about this experience was the thought of having to make all we were taught work without Zach. Zach provided us with resources to use as we continue our journey to repair our marriage.

Zach is so understanding and patient and really seems to listen to you without judgement. He is definitely in touch with how things can disrupt relationships today and he always knows how to get you through it.

Zack is a great therapist! I love going to my sessions and I would recommend him to anyone!