Adam McCandless possesses traits which are closely aligned with those identified of effective therapists. He is honest, trustworthy, patient, dedicated, compassionate, insightful, organized, personable, and optimistic. His desire to deeply understand problems, situations, and people led him to pursue a career as a Professional Counselor which he embraces to this day and takes great pride in. Being a part of a person’s transformation has always excited Adam. Seeing clients change and evolve continues to truly fulfill him.

Adam’s confidence that change is possible is inspiring and motivating for his clients. His solution-focused approach is appreciated by many and his attention to measurable progress helpful. It is no wonder clients find it easy to connect with him and feel comfortable sharing their stories. Adam’s sensitivity and care create a safe space conducive to honest expression of ideas and/or the naming of feelings. When working with couples and families, Adam is sure to give everyone in the room the opportunity to contribute their perspective and personal experience. He puts forth great effort in facilitating each party’s understanding of the other’s position. He often uses stories, examples, and analogies to explain a hard-to-grasp concept, emphasize a particular point, or to expand his clients’ thinking.

Adam’s inherent talents promote efficient use of session time, something his clients find quite valuable. Here’s how his process often works:
He has quick and ready insights into the mood and emotions of others.
He sees the big picture after only a few leads.
He simply and objectively summarizes key points from complex discussions.
He finds it easy to spot the best solution after considering the circumstances, available resources, and desired outcomes.
He puts it all together to help people create structured processes to reach their goals.

Among Adam’s favorite interpersonal and intrapersonal skills to teach are:
Moving from codependency to Interdependency
Assertive communication
Setting and maintaining healthy and appropriate boundaries
Building self-confidence

In closing, Adam puts his heart and soul into every session because (as he says it best), “clients deserve nothing less.”

**Please note: this clinician’s caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new patients at this time.**