Caring, loyal, patient, and passionate, Gemma strives to support her clients in making positive choices in their lives and in their relationships. She embodies the wisdom of The Four Agreements in everything she does and believes strongly that we all have unique strengths and talents that when brought to light, allows our best to shine through.

Gemma is dynamic and strategic in both her thinking and in how she connects with her clients. She has the ability to find the right combination of people and resources to accomplish a desired outcome. Her ability to see over the horizon to what tomorrow can bring allows Gemma to provide genuine hope to her clients no matter what challenges or obstacles they face today.

Gemma works in partnership with her clients in playing out a multitude of scenarios that can lead them out of confusion and onto their chosen path. Her keen observation of her clients’ strengths allows Gemma to pull out the best in each person which oftentimes pulls them out of dead ends, resistance and confusion so they make better choices and communicate more effectively with others.

Sensitive, calm and confident, Gemma tailors her therapy to match the needs and goals of her clients. Being able to see the unique qualities in each person she works with and having the ability to adapt to each client’s needs, learning style and personality, Gemma works with families, young adults and those who are new to therapy. She is able to make her clients, even those who may be skeptical about therapy, feel comfortable and at ease almost instantly. Gemma checks in with clients throughout the therapeutic process and enjoys receiving updates on both the successes and new challenges they face along the way.

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