Therapist Bio

Ginny’s personality and distinct strengths offer RR clients a highly engaged experience. Her natural perceptiveness combined with her warm, supportive nature drove her to pursue a career as a therapist, while her motivation to stay knowledgeable and offer the best possible care propelled her to a status of excellence in that career.

Ginny’s belief that people are motivated to change when they feel confident that their efforts will be rewarded by a positive outcome, contributes to her determination to collaborate with her clients in finding the best possible solution(s). Her goal is to bring out the best in all people and she does this naturally with her affirming nature.

Ginny has a knack for opening her clients up to new ways of looking at things, to expanding their perspective. This skill allows her to work well with a variety of client populations, with whom she facilitates change by gently challenging her clients toward awareness of the ways in which they are sabotaging their success.

Clients, co-workers, and previous supervisors have emphasized Ginny’s ability to treat each of her clients as unique individuals. She prides herself in treating all people she encounters with the dignity and respect they deserve, thus setting the foundation for a positive therapeutic environment in which her clients feel safe enough to open themselves up with her.

Ginny’s resourcefulness and dedication to her work make her a sought-after counselor at RR. After just one session, you’ll easily feel her authentic commitment to your growth and development!

**Please note: this clinician’s caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new patients at this time.**

What Others Share

Ginny has made wonderful improvement to both my children. She has helped promote positive thought processes and emotional intelligence for my children. They both feel connected too Ginny and enjoy her company.

Ginny is wonderful...Ginny is great and gives us tools to use between sessions.

Ginny was very insightful and helpful. The sessions were rarely predictable and always challenged us to think and act differently. While the outcome wasn’t what I had hoped for, I do believe the sessions were valuable and had we engaged Ginny sooner the outcome would have been different.