Therapist Bio

Warm, genuine and optimistic, Hunter’s sunny outlook and collaborative nature breed instant trust in those around her. Her inquisitive nature and zest for learning provide a solid foundation to help others find their strengths, acknowledge and accept themselves and find commonality and connectedness within themselves and in relation to others. When she’s not working, Hunter enjoys reading fiction and personal development books, relaxing with her pets while watching her favorite shows, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

What she loves most about her work is seeing her clients transform while guiding and encouraging them to make positive changes at their own pace. She believes strongly in the healing power of connection and working together to create a meaningful narrative from the experiences life offers in a safe and non judgemental space. Like sunshine, her positivity and belief in her clients provide a healing and collaborative relationship in which to flourish and grow. Her ability to focus on "illness" as well as "wellness” and respecting her clients’ journeys without making them feel wrong or bad for their choices make her an ideal fit for those looking to change their outlook and their behaviors for a more rewarding life experience.

Hunter offers a welcoming, trauma-informed environment and utilizes a variety of techniques as inspired by her client-centered approach. Some of her favorite frameworks are strengths-based approaches and mindfulness exercises to help her clients tune into what is, as well as what isn’t working. Hunter is experienced in helping clients in coping with ADHD, life transitions, relationship issues, anxiety and depression treatment, stress management, substance abuse and trauma counseling. While she works with all ages, she specializes in adolescents and young adults. Hunter’s warmth, sense of teamwork, and belief in her clients makes her the perfect choice for teenagers and young adults who are seeking growth in a safe and encouraging environment.

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