Therapist Bio

Relatable and objective, James' receptive and collaborative style puts his clients at ease, encouraging them to show up with courageous honesty and accountability. James has always been intrigued by people and values deep, thoughtful conversations both inside and outside the therapy room. His natural curiosity and dependable nature make him a safe and trustworthy person with whom to explore problems and solutions to challenging and sometimes painful situations.

Prior to and since graduating with his MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Slippery Rock University in 2019, James has occupied many service-oriented roles, including that of an Emergency Medical Technician and serving in the US Army. In these positions, he has gained extraordinary insight and perspective which he applies to his work with clients at Relationship Resolutions. As his experience demonstrates, James is a rational thinker with strong reasoning skills, adept at diagnosing root causes of problems and co-creating a path of resolution with his clients.

James is both practical and conceptual, a unique blend of characteristics which lend him to approach healing and growth from many angles and from a whole-being perspective. With harmony as one of his top values, James is skilled at helping people reach agreements, making him a strong asset as a provider of relational counseling.

James has a strong interest in working with people in service professions (medic workers, first responders) and has extensive experience with substance abuse and domestic violence populations. James also particularly enjoys helping people move through the grief process.

As a man of great integrity with a love of learning and a core value of excellence guiding both his life and his work, James’ goal-oriented, solution-focused approach makes him a sought-after counselor.

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