Therapist Bio

Naturally curious, Natalie Plack is a seeker…a seeker of truth, a seeker of knowledge, a seeker of grace and of strength. Her creative and intuitive nature, her genuine openness — these are at the foundation of her therapeutic process, which is based in guiding clients toward Increased self-awareness and ultimately, the achievement of their desired goals.

Resourceful and well-informed, Natalie excels at articulating messages that others need to hear. Through thoughtful dialogue and pointed feedback, she encourages her clients to dig deep. She emphasizes the importance of exploring the inherent dichotomies which exist in us all. She strives for reintegration of her clients’ conflicting parts so that they may know peace.

As an original and inventive thinker, Natalie spots emerging trends others don’t often notice. She sees solutions before others may even know there is a problem. This, she believes, serves her clients well, particularly because of her core belief that increased self-knowledge and the development of unique and individualized skillsets leads to healthy personal growth and improved functioning.

Always client-centered, Natalie finds it particularly meaningful to work with people who are truly invested in doing the hard work of therapy, with people who are searching to learn more about who they are and about how the family they came from impacts them in the present day. She has no doubt the path of change is challenging at best and painful at worst but her dedication to staying with her clients as they navigate unfamiliar territory softens the experience. In other words, her appreciation for the difficulty of the therapeutic experience guides the way she gently challenges and supports her clients in their journeys toward health, hope, and happiness.

**Please note: this clinician’s caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new patients at this time.**

What Others Share

I refer many friends colleagues to the practice and Natalie is a wonderful and gifted therapist.

This is my first time experiencing therapy and I cannot thank Natalie enough for truly making me feel better. I leave every session able to breathe easier. I look forward to continued success.