Naturally attentive, highly perceptive, and keenly aware are among the many traits which make Rebecca a sought-after counselor. Her innate ability to easily comprehend and attend to the needs, hopes, desires, and/or struggles of others creates a space for her clients to explore their experiences and express their thoughts and feelings with freedom and comfort. With a calming presence and soothing demeanor, Rebecca exudes empathy and patience; affirming each client’s human experience by sitting with them wherever they are at any given moment. She believes this is the foundation upon which new insights emerge, new paths uncovered, and ultimately, where long-term change begins. Rebecca truly feels in sync with life when she is helping provide this clarity, direction, and momentum. Working with others in this way is what drives Rebecca’s own sense of well-being, providing her with a sense of fulfillment.

In conjunction with her insight-oriented approach, Rebecca places a high value on partnership. Her innate desire to form genuine relationships with her clients and help them have better lives is felt throughout her work. She works in partnership with her clients by welcoming questions and concerns at any time throughout the process. She never pretends to have all the answers and as such, she refrains from imposing her own views. Rather, Rebecca is much more inclined to exchange information, share observations, and/or offer tips for doing things more easily, efficiently, or swiftly.

Rebecca is someone who consistently gives her best: in talent, energy, knowledge, and time, all while inspiring her clients to do the same. Her uncanny ability to figure out how everyone participating in a session can benefit from each other’s strengths, unique experiences, and wisdom lends itself to a very solution-focused style, which her clients appreciate.

Rebecca is honored to be offering her unique talents, knowledge, and skills to help all populations, and is particularly excited to work with the following groups: family members of alcoholics/addicts, adults with mental health issues, victims of domestic violence, and adults in long-term recovery.

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