Therapist Bio

Caring, generous and understanding with an optimistic outlook on life, Valerie brings a light-hearted and playful energy that makes those around her feel safe, secure and heard. With a voracious appetite for knowledge and an inquisitive mind, Valerie is fascinated by human behavior and why we do what we do. She believes the more knowledge we have, the more informed decisions we can make. When she’s not working, Valerie spends time with her sweet kitten Dash or reading.

Valerie is passionate about figuring out what factors cause someone to behave in a certain way and finding reasonable explanations that bring a new awareness to any situation. When she hears “I never thought of it that way,” from clients, she knows she’s made a real impact. With her straightforward style and honest feedback, Valerie is a dependable catalyst for bringing a deeper and more supportive understanding to her clients’ behaviors and patterns. Having this new perspective allows her clients to see their situation through a new lens that shifts how they feel and the choices they make moving forward. She infuses a palpable excitement in the process of change rather than focusing on the outcome, making her clients feel safe to explore new ways of navigating through difficult times.

Valerie specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression and adjustment disorders and particularly enjoys working with young adolescents between the ages of 10-17. Her willingness to connect deeply, synthesize a great deal of information quickly, and lighten the mood with her playful disposition helps young adolescents explore and experiment with new ways of coping with life challenges. She is uniquely equipped to help children, adolescents and adults with Anger Management, Coping with Life Transitions, Mood Disorders (Anxiety & Depression), Self-Esteem, Body Image Issues, Social Skills, and Stress Management. Her services include Child and Adolescent Counseling, Individual Adult Therapy, Marriage & Couples Counseling.

Valerie is an ideal therapist for adolescents who are struggling with mood disorders or facing a difficult time in their lives. Her caring, playful and devoted nature provides the perfect environment for adolescents to explore themselves on a deeper level. As they become more aware of themselves, they discover new insights that shift how they see and respond to both the internal and external factors in their lives.

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