Christine’s warm presence, genuine kindness, true compassion, and deep passion for helping people live their best lives are only part of what makes her a stand-out counselor. Each of these inherent characteristics are complemented by a skill set she has acquired over the last decade in her work with a wide range of people in diverse settings ranging from the VA Hospital to her current position at Magee Women’s Hospital. In these and other settings, Christine has dedicated her time and energy to transforming the lives of seniors, pregnant women, couples, veterans, and patients (as well as their family members) with life-limiting illnesses.

Over the years, Christine has repeatedly demonstrated a giftedness in her ability to instill in others a much-needed sense of hope, self-worth, and confidence. Perhaps this is because people instinctively trust her with their stories. Or maybe it is because in working with her, they feel as though they actually belong for the first time in a long time. No matter what initiates these shifts in self awareness, Christine’s clients consistently communicate the same message: “I feel heard and valued” and that makes all the difference.

Christine artfully blends positivity with realism and curiosity with resourcefulness throughout the therapy process. It is her heartfelt desire to invest in people, her belief in their potential, her acceptance of who and where they are in the moment, and her natural ability to motivate them to be who they aspire to be which has given countless clients the opportunity to transform challenges into successes and problems into solutions. With patience and dedication, Christine guides her clients to access their talents, knowledge, and skills, reinforcing their inner strength as a path to achieve their goals.

What Others Share

Christine has been very attentive and shows a clear understanding of key aspects of our personalities - even after having only sat down with us for a few hours. She has empathized and provided concise feedback during our conversations and she makes us feel comfortable throughout the process.