With a unique ability to make others feel comfortable in an instant, Cynthia Schroeder provides her clients of all ages with the support and feedback necessary to make desired changes in their lives. In her years of work with two primary populations: loss / adjustment and substance abuse / dependency, Cynthia can attest to the power that a safe, quiet, and disciplined space can have. Because in it, trust and courage blossom, thus allowing untapped insights to unfold. Cynthia has seen time and again how helping clients learn about themselves leads to better choices and more control over the lives they want to lead.

Cynthia has been described as professional, respectful, dedicated, and compassionate. Her clients have noted her genuineness as one of her biggest strengths. She consistently demonstrates sincere interest in her clients and their situations, which gives them permission to open up, delve deep, and ultimately, transform.

Personally, Cynthia practices the skills she teaches her clients, as she manages to balance her passion for work with the real-life demands of marriage and children. Her 3 beautiful kids' energy, curiosity, and growth both challenge and sustain her!

What Others Share

Cynthia is fabulous: she listens, understands and makes me think. Without her guidance I would have never been able to get through the last year.

Cynthia is awesome, makes you feel comfortable and seems to have a holistic approach.

I have been going to therapists on and off since I was little, hands down Cynthia is the best one I’ve been to and I highly recommend her to everyone I know.