Compassionate, insightful, and optimistic are just a few words to describe Darci’s core nature. It is these traits, as well as her tendency to easily connect with others, which makes people feel immediately comfortable with her. Darci recognizes the gifts she’s been given and is grateful to use them to learn about, relate to, and empower others. These reasons and more are what led Darci to choose a career centered around helping people grow to their fullest potential; a career which began when she pursued a bachelor’s degree in Marriage and Family Studies as a major at Mercyhurst College.

Living with integrity is a primary guiding principle in Darci’s life and work. Her clients sense her trustworthiness immediately. With grounded presence, she gracefully creates a safe, positive environment which supports openness and exploration. And this is where the magic begins.

As a student of humankind who is curious about the backgrounds and interests of each person with whom she comes into contact, Darci uses pointed questions, observation and intuition to identify the unique qualities of every individual willing to open up to her. In a thoughtful and reflective way, she works with these clients to uncover information necessary for an expanded self-awareness. With a gentle firmness, she offers feedback couched in empathy to highlight the long-term patterns which are playing out in their current situations and possibly holding them back. With a focus on their unique strengths, Darci collaborates with her clients to identify new ways of being that will lead them to the outcomes they desire.

The children, families, and couples who are lucky enough to work with her can be assured she will advocate for balance and fairness, fight to understand each person’s position and perspective, and expertly facilitate cooperation toward mutually-established goals.

With a full, rounded experience to date which includes direct care as well as supervisory roles, Darci is excited to bring the strengths and skills she obtained while working in intensive case management, hospitals, schools, and in-home settings to the clients at Relationship Resolutions Here, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge in the following theories and approaches: Oncology counseling and medical trauma, Crisis Intervention, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Functional Behavioral Analysis. With certifications in: Eco-Systemic Structural Family Therapy/Systems Theory and Promoting Alternative Thinking Strategies (PATHS).

What Others Share

Darci has exceeded my expectations. She is great to work with and definitely recommend her.