Honest, kind, and resourceful are just a few words that describe Heather. Her genuinely caring nature, desire to continually learn and improve, and innovative thinking brought her to the counseling field, in general, and Relationship Resolutions, specifically. Heather is deeply passionate about helping others transform their lives and relationships and finds great joy in lovingly challenging anyone interested to question the thoughts that may be getting in the way of their achieving a lifetime of peace and happiness. Anyone who has worked with Heather knows she is both highly attuned to and sensitive of the emotions, needs, and motivations inherent in all of us.

Heather shows up at work and in life as an authentic and engaging being with a positivity that is contagious. Among her strengths are her focused listening skills and ability to express herself with clarity, which, combined, make her an expert in facilitating dialogue between and among people in any relationship. Additionally, Heather’s ability to generate options allows others to see there is more than one way to obtain an objective. She uniquely blends acceptance of everyone as they are right now with the hope of who she knows they can be. Heather is brilliant at drawing on the hidden potential in each individual and relationship and feels blessed for the opportunity to help others fulfill their potential through emphasis of the strengths and resilience found within each of us.

Heather reports deep emotional satisfaction in working with individuals, couples and families on the following skill-building areas:

-establishment and maintenance of appropriate boundaries
-creative problem-solving
-increased insight
-negotiation of understanding

What Others Share

I think Heather is a great therapist. She listens, and she gives you something to think about.

Heather is by far the best therapist I’ve ever had.

I feel have Heather's full attention during the sessions. She is very perceptive and interactive, which I find helpful.