Jenny Kuzilla is a caring and empathic therapist who works with clients in a down to earth and compassionate way. She employs an individualized approach that is tailored to every client's unique circumstances, goals and hopes. She believes that each individual has an inherent right and capacity to a sense of security, happiness and fulfillment.

Jenny's commitment to helping others began when she worked in a residential group setting for adults with mental health issues while working on a BA in Psychology with a certificate in gerontology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She added a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh while, at the same time, working as an in-home therapist for children/adolescents. That experience sharpened her skills in helping people facing various issues including autism spectrum disorders, anxiety disorders, oppositional defiance, and many other behavioral concerns.

She has also served as a psychotherapist for adults and children in a variety of settings including wraparound, residential treatment, partial hospitalization, social rehabilitation, and outpatient care.

Jenny has been a member of the Allegheny County Disaster Crisis Outreach and Referral team (DCORT) and worked as a mental health consultant to five area school districts as a member of Student Assistance Program teams. Jenny has received extensive skills training in a number of areas including: trauma recovery, resiliency and healing, autistic spectrum disorders, crisis intervention and disaster response, and Adlerian counseling.

She works with adults, children, adolescents, families, couples and groups and uses various clinical modalities to help clients reach their goals and move on with their lives. She is proud to join Relationship Resolutions and continue helping others reach their full potential.

What Others Share

I thank you for everything. You are the best therapist I have ever had!

Jenny is the reason we're even married and the reason why we are able to communicate effectively and live an extremely rewarding and blessed life.

Jenny Kuzilla has been a blessing to me. She has always taken the time to listen and provide thoughtful feedback on issues we discuss. Because of her I have learned coping skills and ways to face issues head on.