KaRon has a warm, welcoming and caring disposition and is deeply passionate about his relationships with his family and his clients. Having an inquisitive mind, he enjoys spending time in introspection, reflecting on important questions and exploring new ideas. KaRon relishes in the infinite variety and complexity life offers and delights in learning as he has a vast array of interests.

Patient, empathetic and easy to talk to, KaRon has the unique ability to understand his clients’ feelings, needs and choices. His natural attentive listening skills provide a safe and supportive space for his clients’ to share their most intimate feelings and experiences. The supportive environment KaRon creates is the ideal setting for clients who are facing difficult or settling issues in their lives. Building trusting relationships and witnessing breakthroughs is what KaRon finds so rewarding in his work.

KaRon is genuinely dedicated and believes anything is possible when clients have access to meaningful resources, support and knowledge. After facilitating a relationship and gaining a deeper understanding of his clients’ needs, KaRon collaboratively develops treatment goals that are achievable and in alignment with his clients’ vision. Once treatment goals are established, KaRon works diligently to create a plan that provides hope and purpose so his clients can confidently and consistently move towards their goals. Utilizing various forms of therapy including, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, he is able to approach patterns, issues and behaviors from different angles to better reach and support clients in making positive and healthy changes.

KaRon is passionate in serving and working with people who face gender identity issues, substance abuse and addiction, attention disorders and behavioral issues in teens. His warmth and welcoming manner puts his clients at ease and makes even the most apprehensive person feel deeply cared for and valued. His higher level listening skills and empathetic and caring nature makes him perfect for those who need a trusted advisor in navigating difficult issues, emotions and relationships.

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