Compassionate, spunky and attentive, Amber’s down to earth nature puts others at ease quickly. She enjoys exploring possibilities and empowering clients to use creativity to uncover new ideas and solutions. She is fascinated by the wonders of the world and the power of relying on intuition to guide choices. This contemplative nature combined with her view of the world as having infinite possibilities and complexities allows Amber to connect deeply with others.

What she loves most about her work is guiding clients through life’s challenges and bringing to light the answers that they already hold within. Amber makes therapy comfortable and inviting for those on the journey of discovering what lies on the other side of pain through her interactive style and engaging presence. An instinctive observer of each individual’s strengths, unique style and motivation she naturally draws out the best in her clients. What Amber finds most inspiring and fulfilling is witnessing the lightness, awareness, strength and confidence that takes place in her clients when they are motivated and open themselves to growth.

Amber incorporates a variety of Cognitive Behavioral techniques including Exposure Response Prevention (EPR) for obsessive compulsive disorders. This form of treatment has been shown highly effective in helping those who have obsessive compulsive behaviors to face feared behaviors and thoughts without responding in a ritualistic way or engaging in avoidance mechanisms. She also provides Child and Adult counseling, Family Therapy, Life Coaching, Marriage and Couples Counseling, and Individual Adult Therapy for Women.

Amber’s ability to interact and engage in her clients’ journeys alongside them makes her the perfect choice for college students and young adults who value the benefits of therapy. She specializes in ADHD, anger management, grief and loss, mood disorders, sexuality, gender identity, stress management, substance abuse and trauma.

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