With a special interest in working with young adults and teens, Josh is passionate about helping his clients achieve the goals set forth. His sense of humor, calming presence, and deep caring for the experiences of others add to his training and work experience to-date to produce a well-rounded, competent and effective counselor.

Josh's work with his clients centers around increasing self-awareness. He is honored by the privilege he is granted when clients are courageous enough to embark on the journey of change with him. He exudes acceptance of the whole person, recognizing that our strengths and limitations are intimately connected, therefore one cannot exist without the other. This perspective allows room for people to embrace all parts of themselves, thus giving them the confidence needed to better manage the discomfort that comes up when facing the areas of desired change.

From a place of self-acceptance and self-awareness, Josh guides his clients toward a behavioral plan which begins with identifying triggers and barriers to success. From there, he and his clients develop action plans to move them toward their desired outcomes. Josh's sincere belief in our ability to generate new thoughts and maintain new behaviors makes him an effective counselor for people looking to overcome anxiety, depression, and anger and live a more peaceful and happy existence.

What Others Share

Josh was just fantastic, his whole philosophy, manner and method. My life was noticeably better after spending time with him, not just immediately after, but for a sustained period, even now, months since our last visit. I have a better understanding about what causes my problems, how I react to them and how to consistently improve those reactions. I can’t imagine having had a better experience and would highly recommend him to anyone struggling with angst.

Josh is probably the only therapist I’d ever want to see again. His help was perfect for me at a vulnerable, critical point in my life. He was focused and patient, encouraging me to explore my thoughts while also repeatedly bringing me back to the larger narrative. He explained to me how my mind worked and how I could discipline myself to reach the goals I had set. He was also just simply encouraging, pointing out my own successes and strengths at critical junctures when I had lost sight of them. Since my sessions with him, I’ve considerably reduced my angst, improved my work and found the new job I was looking for. When tough times reappear, I think of the lessons I learned from our sessions and they're still a great help. I’d recommend him and Relationship Resolutions to anyone struggling with angst, and I’m really thankful for the time I spent with him.

I always have an excellent experience at Relationship Resolutions. Starting or getting back into therapy can be a daunting process, but it has been incredibly easy to start. I highly recommend Joshua - I always feel heard.