Therapist Bio

Have you ever woken up and wondered how you got to where you are? Do you feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself and the ones you love? Are you wanting to reconnect with yourself, your purpose, your passion, and others but are not sure where to start or how to go about it?

With an envious combination of a big heart, an open mind, and a consideration of everyone’s unique experience, Julia utilizes her special gifts to help her clients explore their personal journeys and reconnect with their true nature as the path toward the change they are seeking. From a foundation of respect and admiration for each person’s individual and collective experience, she helps people make sense of complex thoughts and feelings in a practical and organized way. She is skillful at gleaning important pieces out of complicated information which helps her clients get clearer with themselves and others in order to live a life more in alignment with their values.

With empathy as one of her top strengths, Julia is often able to sense how people feel and it is this keen awareness of her client's’ emotional experience which guides her person-centered counseling technique to fit each person’s unique needs. Her quick and ready insights into what people are sensing allows her to ask valuable questions in the right way. She inherently knows when to speak, when to listen, when to offer perspective, when to challenge, and when to support. It is because of this that Julia’s clients feel heard and understood, leading them to key insights and options for change. In truly collaborative nature, Julia partners with her clients to gain a fresh perspective and think differently.

Julia’s clinical experience is vast, including group work for anger management, relationship distress, communication difficulties, and trauma recovery. She has experience with varied populations including the military and people in the LGBT community. In addition to adhering to Cognitive Behavioral (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) principles and practices, Julia also utilizes Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills such as mindfulness and emotion regulation to assist her clients in achieving individual and relational growth.

What Others Share

Julia has been such a great counselor...I saw her for about 8 months and my overall attitude, mood, and anxiety management greatly improved...I have had bad experiences with counselors in the past (feeling judged, not heard, etc.) but Julia was the most positive counseling experience I have ever had.

I was very hesitant about trying therapy, but within one session Julia squashed my fears about it. I never feel judged. I always feel heard. She’s great.

Julia is very helpful and she is always positive. She shows empathy and helps me put many "issues" into perspective.

“Julia has helped me. I truly appreciate her time, efforts and insight.”

“Julia is amazing. She has helped me through the most difficult part of my life. With her guidance, I am the most mentally fit I’ve ever been despite the challenges I’ve had to face.”

“Julia is an incredible therapist. She creates a safe, enjoyable, non-judgmental space for sharing and growth. She consistently gives terrific feedback and super helpful advice. A friend recommended her to me and I pass on that favour every chance I get.”

“Julia is absolutely amazing. She’s incredible. I’ve recommended three different people to the practice, and highly recommend her specifically.”

“When I lived in different cities, I saw other therapists. Julia Ofrichter is by far the best I’ve ever had. She’s a great sounding board for my mental health concerns and helps me uncover clear insight about myself. Her non-judgmental demeanor makes me feel free to say anything and reveal anything during our sessions. Her passion and dedication for her job comes through during our sessions. I think the mental health profession is lucky to have her within its ranks!”

“Julia is wonderful. She is supportive and helpful and helps to challenge me to make positive changes in my life. My mental health has improved immensely since I started seeing Julia. I recommend her to everyone I can.”

“Julia is amazing! I don't know what I would do without her! She has helped me get through the toughest time of my life and I am so grateful.”

“Julia is great...She is very easy to talk to and she does not judge. She has a great memory when it comes to things that I have said and she always pushes me to do what is right!”

“Julia is a wonderful person who is considerate, understanding, and very genuine. She does her best to redirect me to get to the core of my problem….Most importantly, I feel like Julia really cares about me as a client and as a person….She also remembers what I say, and that makes me feel heard and valued.”