Witty, empathetic and bold, Lindsay is fascinated by human behavior and feels honored to be trusted with the sensitive and personal information shared with her by her clients. With an appreciation for value differences and an intrigue for driving motivators, Lindsay believes we can alter the path of our lives by becoming aware of and making new decisions that support us in living the lives we envision.

Using curiosity as a primary therapeutic tool, Lindsay is flexible in her style and tailors her therapy to accommodate her clients’ needs, goals, learning styles and personalities. She uses storytelling and powerful word phrases to pique her clients’ interest, sharpen their view of the world and inspire them to take action. Intuitively able to see the world through her clients’ eyes and having the ability to feel what her clients feel, Lindsay is often able to hear the unvoiced questions, anticipate needs and help her clients find the right words to express their feelings – to give voice to their emotions so that they may acknowledge their own feelings and also safely express those feelings with others.

Lindsay is dedicated to helping people from all walks of life and is especially effective working with women who are facing difficult decisions, trauma or major transitions in lives. Her empathetic nature coupled with her ability to see the best in others makes her a great fit for people who are ready for change and who may have experienced debilitating judgment or criticism from others in the past. Communicative, real, and effective, Lindsay meets clients where they are and is comfortable facing difficult situations and topics head on. She finds great joy in working with her clients and supports her clients in staying motivated to change and grow through the therapeutic process.

**Please note: this clinician’s caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new clients at this time.**

What Others Share

I love the environment that Relationship Resolutions provides and I love my therapist. I was hesitant to come to therapy, but I was welcomed into a non-judgmental and helpful environment. I look forward to all of my sessions with my therapist.