Imagine learning about nutrition from someone who affirms you for who you are rather than tries to change you into someone you ‘should’ be. Imagine working with a dietitian who celebrates your unique gifts and inspires you to tap into your strengths to achieve your health goals. Imagine feeling like someone finally understands your struggles with food and weight and can offer you a way through. Imagine taking small, incremental steps which, over time, add up to big success.

Now, imagine no more. This is all possible with Megan Neiman, RR’s only registered dietitian. Megan’s core philosophy is based on empowering others to develop a balanced relationship with food and weight. Using a specialized method of nutrition counseling which blends the powerful approaches of mindfulness, collaboration, cognitive behavioral therapy, and motivational techniques, Megan has successfully helped many people turn their destructive relationship with food into one of peace and balance.

With sensitivity and compassion, Megan respects the special needs, unique lifestyles, and specific health concerns of each client in order implement a customized plan for their success.

She has a gift for tapping into the emotional experience of her clients and for understanding how their emotions, thoughts, and behavioral choices work together. With this knowledge, she and her clients dive into a thorough analysis of all the factors which may be contributing to their unique situation. On this journey, Megan asks thought-provoking questions and raises important issues as she works with her clients to find lasting solutions.

If you are looking for a dietitian who: values quality; is attentive, trustworthy, and dependable; and who offers practical, hands-on assistance to guide you toward optimal living, look no further. Megan is the one for you.

What Others Share

My parents took me to a counselor for my eating disorder before I saw Megan. My previous counselor didn’t understand me and I feel like she made my disorder worse. Megan saved me and I will be forever grateful to her. My eating disorder is under control and I’ve gained 15 pounds!! I plan on going to college to major in Nutrition. Hopefully one day I can help and heal others as Megan has for me.

Megan is kind and helpful. After seeing dietitians who simply told me being vegetarian was pointless — Megan heard my choice, saw it as a valid dietary option, and attempted to give me all the information I need to be the healthiest version of myself. Thanks!

Megan is great. I love that we are approaching my nutrition from a standpoint of improving my relationship with food, rather than a standard "eat this, not that".