Therapist Bio

“Seeing a client go through the process of intrinsic transformation is what motivates me and rejuvenates my drive.”

Nothing brings Rachel more joy than seeing change and improvement in people’s attitudes. First and foremost, her goal is to inspire hope and ambition. Above all else, she wants clients to feel like they can do anything. Rachel is certain that helping others lead a more fulfilling and balanced life is her calling.

As an insight-oriented counselor, Rachel delves deeply into relevant topics brought to her by her clients. With an aim to broaden their understanding of their unique experiences, she acutely tunes into her clients so that she may offer up theories or concepts to help explain the decisions they make. Rachel mindfully introduces fresh insights and articulately communicates questions (often ones no one else has ever asked), suggestions, and solutions to her clients. It is her ability to express herself with clarity and precision which engages clients in the thoughtful conversations which ultimately lead them to grow and change.

Calm, responsible, reliable, honest, and organized are just a few adjectives used to describe Rachel. She lives her life by these values and offers her clients the positive, considerate, non-judgemental environment which flows naturally from these personality traits. Rachel is dedicated to acquiring knowledge and skills on an ongoing basis and has a special interest in working with trauma victims. Additionally, she finds helping couples make healthy, deep connections very rewarding and is grateful to offer her talents to the clients at Relationship Resolutions.

What Others Share

Rachel is excellent. She is patient, and caring. I would not have been able to get through things if i didn't find her.

I'm always recommending Rachel to all my couple friends. ….it’s changed my and my spouse's lives for the better!

LOVE RACHEL!!!!!!! Not enough space to say all the wonderful things about her. She's compassionate, empathetic, realistic, honest, caring, and non-judgemental.