Samantha’s unique blend of values, strengths, and character make her a sought after clinician. On one hand she is inquisitive and reflective, on the other, she is driven to help others achieve lasting change in an organized way. Facilitating personal growth and encouraging positive changes in relationships is what motivated Samantha to utilize her education and practice her innate and learned skills at Relationship Resolutions. Her encouraging, respectful, supportive personality mixes with her pragmatic, realistic demeanor to provide clients the space and resources to create their own path with ease and confidence.

Samantha operates from an insight-oriented, client-centered approach which focuses on self discovery, healing, and goal achievement. The ultimate goal she has for anyone she meets with is to expand their perspective and depth of knowledge so that they may walk through life with awareness, choice, and self mastery. She believes in the beauty of the process of becoming and delights in learning alongside her clients as they discover their worth.

One of Samantha’s greatest attributes is her desire and ability to find the hidden commonalities among the overt conflicts and disagreements her clients come in presenting with. She is adept at finding the missing pieces of the puzzle so that her clients can see the full picture of themselves and their lives, thereby providing them new perspective by which they can make informed decisions for themselves and in their relationships with others.

Samantha gracefully honors the mind and body’s inherent urge to stretch beyond perceived limitations while simultaneously valuing the equally important need for stability. Her clients walk away with a flexible strength which guides them in creating healthy, harmonious, and mutually beneficial relationships which serve both self and others.

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