The fact that the highest compliment someone could give Tiffany is “you make me feel good about myself” says everything you need to know about her. Being able to help people through challenging times is one of life’s greatest rewards for Tiffany. Her passion, empathy, and curiosity form the foundation of her therapeutic relationships and make it easy for her clients to connect with her in a meaningful way.

Tiffany embraces her deep-seeded need to help others and it is her yearning to acquire more knowledge and gain new skills to heighten her expertise which keeps her practice grounded in current practices. With ease and grace, she beautifully offers support with boundaries, intelligence with warmth, and professionalism with friendliness. She is both competent and well-spoken as well as accepting and easygoing.

Tiffany is an original thinker with fresh insights. Ideas naturally pop into her consciousness as someone describes a problem or opportunity, which is why the cornerstone of Tiffany’s work is listening carefully. It is from the insights she gathers as she listens to people tell their unique stories that she is able to discover what is at the core of the issue they are coming in for help with. She delves deeply into notable patterns, processes and evaluates all parts, looking at each piece from every angle, and methodically examining how everything links together. Because of this ability to figure out what factors have led to specific behaviors, people rely on Tiffany to help them find reasonable explanations and therefore paths toward change.

In a straightforward, yet patient way, Tiffany then articulately conveys her insights to her clients, being sure to emphasize the key points. She is adept at simplifying complicated details which allows her novel ideas to be communicated to clients in a way they can be easily understood and from there, a co-created plan for change emerges.

If you are experiencing stress, have body image or self esteem issues, are struggling in the aftermath of a trauma, or just want to gain insight into who you are and explore a different future for yourself, Tiffany is the right choice for you!

**Please note: this clinician’s caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new patients at this time.**

What Others Share

Tiffany's ability to engage and "show up" in non-judgemental and present ways has allowed me to participate fully in the treatment process. Her feedback is useful, spot-on, and at times direct and "tips the scale" to maintain motivation in the direction of change. She has provided support and validation at a time when outside resources/supports aren't always avaliable or capable of doing. Her ability to piece information together has helped me to see the influence of emotions, choices, past trauma, etc. and how it all comes to light within the present moment.

I really enjoy working with Tiffany. She is kind, thoughtful, clear in her directions and advice, and always validates my feelings and thoughts/helps me understand the root of my issue. I look forward to our meetings because I know she's going to help me work out whatever is going on.

Could not be happier with Tiffany as a therapist. Both my husband and I feel heard, validated, and understood. She's helped us overcome many obstacles and continues to care for our emotional and mental well-being.