Therapist Bio

Respectful, personable, and non-judgmental, Kristina is skilled at establishing a safe, comfortable environment conducive to connecting with her clients in a way that facilitates behavioral change through the use of powerful interventions. As a naturally keen observer, Kristina instinctively pays attention to each client’s style, motivations, thought patterns, and relationship dynamics, beautifully revealing the mystery of their uniqueness to themselves. Her empathetic nature and optimism leaves clients feelling heard, cared for and hopeful. Kristina helps people see the light at the end of the tunnel and realize they are not alone in getting through to the other side.

Mentally quick and highly resourceful, Kristina is adept at monitoring clients’ progress and adjusting treatment plans accordingly. This flexibility results in them reaching long-term objectives with apparent ease. When clients are stuck in patterns or struggling with conflict in relationship, Kristina helps them move forward with understanding by increasing their awareness of the situation with her curiosity. In a straightforward, organized, and objective fashion, she brings clarity to confusion, especially when it involves obvious misunderstanding. With attentiveness and care, Kristina facilitates the establishment of mutual goals while promoting healthy communications between the individuals involved.

Kristina provides client-centered therapy, otherwise known as Rogerian therapy, to work with a wide variety of populations including children as young as 6, families, teenagers, adults of all ages, and couples. Her therapeutic repertoire includes a variety of emotionally-focused, strength-based, cognitive behavioral counseling techniques. Specializing in grief and loss, trauma, and perinatal mood disorders such as postpartum depression and anxiety, she teaches skills such as emotional awareness and expression as well as the identification and challenging of negative thoughts. Kristina believes that for clients to be successful in meeting their goals, they will have to make sacrifices and put in the necessary hard work. She views therapy as a place to learn and believes lasting change requires dedication to consistent application of the skills acquired.

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