Therapist Bio

With a nurturing presence and investigative mind, people naturally gravitate to Josh for guidance. Accessing his well-developed intuition and curiosity as guides, Josh beautifully attunes to both the head and the heart in his work and in his life.

‘Every human being desires and deserves to be loved and understood’ is the foundation of his work, calling him to be fully present and engaged with each client, creating safety through reflective listening and genuine empathy. Josh’s calm and approachable demeanor softens any barriers and protective parts his clients may come in with, thus allowing them to freely explore their relationship with themselves and others.

Trusting the client as the expert, each possessing everything they need within, Josh works in collaboration with each one to co-create an optimal therapeutic experience: one based in attunement, awareness, and expansion. With Josh as their trusted guide and a safe space to navigate various aspects of their life, clients quickly discover additional perspectives, multiple possibilities and alternate avenues to live their lives in peace and with joy while achieving their desired goals.

Josh’s belief in the interconnectedness of humanity is what drew him to pursue a career in mental health counseling and specifically to train in existential-phenomenology. In a broad sense, the existential-phenomenological approach recognizes the ways in which humans are free to create meaning of and for their lives. It focuses on how we relate to others and the world, and how these ways of being impact all aspects of life. In addition to operating from an experiential approach, Josh incorporates Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) methods and interventions in his work with adolescents, individual adults, couples, and families.

Josh’s 2.5 years working at the STAR clinic brought a depth and breadth of experience to understanding teens and young adults struggling with depression and anxiety. He is thrilled to use the knowledge he gained to work with clients who are curious about themselves and motivated to improve their lives. Josh especially appreciates helping clients navigate challenging life transitions, explore their sexuality and gender identity, and/or move through grief and loss.

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