As a Licensed Professional Counselor with a degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from Duquesne University, Mindy has found it especially rewarding to help adolescents and adults manage anxiety and depression, work through trauma and grief, and assist couples and families develop effective communication styles and strengthen their relationships.

Mindy’s specialized training is extensive, including:

a certification in functional behavioral analysis, which allows her to help families and individuals identify causes of their behavioral patterns and explore more effective ways to meet deeply rooted needs
training in the use of the “Seeking Safety” approach, a method developed to assist clients in working through anxiety and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) symptoms resulting from childhood or adult trauma
attendance at numerous trainings on complicated grief and coping with violent loss
training in Cognitive Behavioral as well as Dialectic Behavioral Therapies, which teaches adolescents and adults mood regulation and distress tolerance
attendance at various trainings through the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs, aimed at sustained recovery
Mindy’s clients note the ease of building a warm and safe relationship with her. She is diligent in working with her clients as equals and partnering with them to find creative ways to meet their personal goals. She supports her clients in their efforts to overcome outdated thoughts and behavioral patterns which are keeping them from living the life they desire and teaches them skills and techniques to make them successful for life.

Mindy’s compassion, dedication, and intelligence make her a great mom and wife and a real asset to Relationship Resolutions' clients.

**Please note: This clinician caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new patients at this time.**

What Others Share

I’ve already recommended Melinda to several people!

I recommend my therapist and Relationship Resolutions to everyone who shows interest in counseling needs. I am extremely happy with Melinda and her ability and willingness to help me.

For one on one therapy, which I historically do not like, I did actually like my sessions with Melinda. For an individual therapy session, I thought it was really good and helpful (I have seen others in the past and disliked all of them)...for one on one therapy, Melinda was great-personable, intelligent, easy to relate to, comfortable to be around, listened openly, always offered practical advice and knowledge. Individual therapy is just not my preferred method but it was helpful for sure during a very rough time for me. I would go back again if I felt I really needed to.