“That moment…when a client recognizes they are stronger than they thought, when they realize they had it in them the whole time…”

Shirley’s genuine appreciation of the human experience, her ability to see potential in the face of problems, and to motivate others is, in essence, her greatness.

It is with curiosity, determination, and compassion that Shirley walks with her clients on their journey toward awareness, skill development, and ultimately, lasting change. Her authentic presence and empathic nature make it easy for clients to relate to and connect with her, and it is within the context of this therapeutic relationship that she helps her clients flourish.

Above all else, Shirley wants to hear her clients, to be sure she is understanding their experience. She believes being heard and understood is a core universal experience for which we are all striving, and it is only from this place that the ability to really look at ourselves can occur. Her advanced training in Gestalt therapy has enhanced her ability to work with the inherent resistance in which we all engage, despite our desire for change. She has found the exploration of resistance to be very revealing, often leading clients to recognize untapped motivations which guide destructive patterns. It is here, in this space, where new possibilities emerge and different choices can be made. With Shirley’s supportive encouragement and unwavering belief in them, her clients are able to take the necessary risks associated with choosing a more effective path.

**Please note: this clinician’s caseload is currently full and they are not accepting new patients at this time.**

What Others Share

Shirley is a wonderful therapist. I feel lucky to have found her.

I’m very happy with RR and I recommend it to everyone. Very happy with Shirley. Everything is wonderful.

My spouse and I truly enjoy working with Shirley. I find it very easy to be open with Shirley. Shirley is fabulous listener and provides helpful recommendations and assignments to help us to reach our goals.